Why I need a best public relations agency? Why we hire CreatorPR?

In today's era, right strategy is very important for your brand. When you see a brand getting tremendous success it means two things working behind that. First, is very obvious the quality of that brand and second is the right PR strategy. When we are saying right PR strategy it means and it covers all the aspects of marketing and people reach. For right PR strategy you hire a public relation agency, they work for you and your brand.  But when you hire the best public relation agency, they must know the right audience for your brand, they mould their PR strategy accordingly. Reaching right audience is really important for your brand and Creator Public Relations understands this very deeply.

Creator PR research team put their 100% effort to find right audience for your brand, and then only makes the PR strategy.

Do I need social media marketing for my brand?

In 90s, a brand had to spend huge amount over marketing, even today as well a brand spends a good amount in marketing. So, what is the difference?

For example: in 90s when you spend 1000 Rs. in marketing (Print ads, Pamphlets, Posters, Banners etc.) you reach 5000 people. You can say for reaching 5000 people you spend 1000 Rs. but in present just because of social media if you spend 1000 Rs. you reach 20 Lakh people for your brand. You can easily compare from 5000 people to 20 lakh people, so we can say that social media platforms are more appealing, more reachable, more youth and mass friendly.

So, whether you are a new or establish brand you must need a presence in social platforms. As a creative public relation agency, Creator PR understands this thing and we produce superb results for our clients in that.

Why not any other PR agency

Creator PR has a great team. We are very honest towards our work and very faithful for our clients.  You can hire any other PR agency as well we can't say anything about that but one thing which we can say about us is that we put our heart into our work.  We are the group of people who love their work, for us our work is worship. We understand this that your brand is your dream so we treat your brand as our babies.

So, give us an opportunity and then you can easily see the difference.

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